Monday, April 27, 2020

Improve Media Reporting of Violence

Level Up, a feminist organization in the UK, has published guidelines for the press on improving how domestic violence is reported. These guidelines broadly apply to any reporting of gender-based violence. 

You can use the following guidelines to evaluate news articles about domestic violence.

Accountability: does the article place responsibility solely on perpetrators of violence?

Accuracy: does it accurately name the crime as domestic violence?

Dignity: does it avoid sensationalizing language, invasive or graphic details.

Equality: does it avoid insensitive or trivializing language or images. Does it use words and images that emphasize the seriousness and danger of domestic violence.

Images: does it avoid using stock images that reinforce myths about domestic violence. Does it use images that reveal the personhood of those who experience violence.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Boundaries During a Pandemic

If you're struggling with boundaries during social distancing, you're not alone. Resolve (IMPACT New Mexico) staff member Marie Schow says boundaries continue to be important and that it continues to be important to respect the limits that we set while recognizing the needs of others around us.

Resolve staff spends a lot of time talking about boundaries – how to set them, how to respect them, and why they’re important. They know boundaries are the key to feeling safe and happy in all realms of life. Boundaries are an expression of love and care. And right now, during an unprecedented health crisis, boundaries are more important than ever.

Read more about Marie's perspective on Boundaries during a Pandemic.

Monday, April 13, 2020

What is an Authentic Apology for Committing Sexual Violence?

In her Ted Talk "The Alchemy of an Apology,"  Eve Ensler, playwright and activist, outlines four steps to an authentic apology for committing sexual violence:

  • Self-interrogate: what contributed to your being capable of sexual violence?
  • Undertake a detailed account of what you did
  • Open your heart and allow yourself to feel what the person(s) you victimized felt.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.

Monday, April 6, 2020

A New Era of Boundary Setting

In "A New Era of Boundary Setting," Shay Orent from sister chapter IMPACT Boston says that "being able to set clear boundaries now is more important than ever in order to PROTECT ourselves and our community." 

She writes about what has and hasn't changed, examples of ways we can model good boundary setting, and reminders why effective boundary setting is so important now. Check out "A New Era of Boundary Setting."

Thank you, Shay!