Monday, March 27, 2017

What is Sexual Consent

Consent is an agreement between partners about engaging in sexual activity. Laws vary by state and by situation, but in general consent is about communication.  

Two key elements of consent communication are:
Giving consent for one thing, one time is not equivalent to giving consent for continued sexual activity or a change in the type of sexual activity.
Consent can be withdrawn at any moment. A partner should clearly communicate that withdrawal of consent and the other  partner should respect it.
For example of positive and negative consent, check out RAINN What Consent Looks Like.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Working to End Child Sexual Abuse

The Just Beginnings Collaborative is committed to building a collaborative movement to initiate, cultivate, and fund strategic efforts to end child sexual abuse. The organization brings together people and organizations from different perspectives and disciplines working to stop child sexual abuse. Their priorities are to
  • Support and strengthen existing leadership working to end child sexual abuse
  • Build a group of funders committed to making this work sustainability
  • Create social change campaigns focused on ending child sexual abuse

IMPACT Boston has recently been awarded a three-year grant from the Just Beginnings Collaborative to support their work in ending child sexual abuse specifically for  children with disabilities.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pearls and Party Favors: Two Advanced Courses in 2017

1987. The year of the first Simpsons broadcast, George Michael’s “Faith,” fringed boots, and feathered hair. Also in 1987, the precursor to the IMPACT Chicago chapter as we know it was started. Any graduate will tell you: it was a very big year.
            The traditional gift for a 30th anniversary is pearl, and we’ve decided to do something special to give our graduates an opportunity to gain even more pearls of self-defense knowledge than in a typical IMPACT year.
            We will be offering not one, but TWO advanced classes this year! April 29-30 we will be offering the Defense Against an Armed Rapist (DAAR)class, and we will be offering Defense Against Multiple Assailants (DAMA) October 7-8.  Advanced classes are a great way to delve more deeply into the technical aspect of more specific self-defense techniques.
            To make this a real celebration, we have also come up with an incredible party favor for Core graduates.  If you register and make a deposit for DAAR by 5 pm April 19, you get a 30% discount. If you register on-line,  add the code IMPACT87 after your name. If you email us to register, include the code in your email.
            Help us celebrate 30 years of empowerment-based self-defense. Thirty years of graduate circles sharing support from the line and saying “yes” together.  Round out your IMPACT training and join us for our advanced classes!
            Pass it on.
Molly Norris, IMPACT Chicago Lead Instructor

Monday, March 6, 2017

Through IMPACT I Discovered How Much Power Women Have, Courtney Henderson

Courtney Henderson
IMPACT Chicago welcomes Courtney Henderson to the Board! Courtney is an IMPACT Core Program Grad who wanted to learn self defense techniques through realistic scenarios. Since graduating, Courtney volunteers as a facilitator for the What Is IMPACT program to stay connected to the program and sister graduates, and loves introducing new people to IMPACT.

Courtney is the recruiting director for the Chicago office of FCB, a global advertising agency. She started out in advertising herself, creating ads for KFC. Drawn to the business side of the field, she moved into account management, and finally recruiting. She loves working in a creative and relaxed environment, and finds the process of idea turned to reality magical.

Courtney also recently completed the Rape Victims Advocates intensive volunteer training program. As a Rape Victim Advocate, Courtney provides one on one support for victims of sexual assault at the hospital, educates the victim on their options, and ensures that when they leave the hospital they are going to a safe place.

Courtney volunteered with New Horizons Community Garden on Chicago’s West Side last summer, learning about plants and maintaining the garden, where local inhabitants can come to pick fresh vegetables. Through this volunteer work, Courtney discovered her interest for gardening and is excited to get working on her own garden this Spring.

Courtney’s love for the creative extends into her personal hobbies too. Taught by her grandmother at 7 years of age, Courtney recently started knitting again and makes scarves to give as gifts. She has taken classes in soap making and glass blowing, and would love to try ceramics. She enjoys running and is training for a half marathon, and plans to start learning Spanish this Spring.

Courtney sees IMPACT as a huge confidence builder. Through IMPACT, she discovered how much power women have and thinks it’s really important for every woman to feel empowered. Even when walking into a situation where she might be nervous or unprepared, having taken IMPACT, she knows she can use her own body to protect herself. “I volunteer for IMPACT because I truly believe in what they’re doing.”

Interview and Blog by Janette Scott, IMPACT Chicago Board Member