Monday, March 13, 2017

Pearls and Party Favors: Two Advanced Courses in 2017

1987. The year of the first Simpsons broadcast, George Michael’s “Faith,” fringed boots, and feathered hair. Also in 1987, the precursor to the IMPACT Chicago chapter as we know it was started. Any graduate will tell you: it was a very big year.
            The traditional gift for a 30th anniversary is pearl, and we’ve decided to do something special to give our graduates an opportunity to gain even more pearls of self-defense knowledge than in a typical IMPACT year.
            We will be offering not one, but TWO advanced classes this year! April 29-30 we will be offering the Defense Against an Armed Rapist (DAAR)class, and we will be offering Defense Against Multiple Assailants (DAMA) October 7-8.  Advanced classes are a great way to delve more deeply into the technical aspect of more specific self-defense techniques.
            To make this a real celebration, we have also come up with an incredible party favor for Core graduates.  If you register and make a deposit for DAAR by 5 pm April 19, you get a 30% discount. If you register on-line,  add the code IMPACT87 after your name. If you email us to register, include the code in your email.
            Help us celebrate 30 years of empowerment-based self-defense. Thirty years of graduate circles sharing support from the line and saying “yes” together.  Round out your IMPACT training and join us for our advanced classes!
            Pass it on.
Molly Norris, IMPACT Chicago Lead Instructor

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