Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank you 2010 IMPACT volunteers

Tuition covers only about 75% of the cost of IMPACT Chicago programs with the other 25%
supported by donations and volunteer labor. Thank you 2010 IMPACT Chicago volunteers.

Lisa Amoroso
Mike Armato
Julie Aubry
Rob Babcock
John Baumgardner
Cathie Bazzon
Amanda Crawford
Paisly DiBianca
Maureen Dunn
Carla Eisenberg
Leslie Eto
Joselyn Galvez
Eileen Gelblat
Sarah Grove
Debborah Harp
Antjuan Kee
Naomi Love
Jim Lucas
Abi Lynn
Erica Meiners
Mark Nessel
Molly Norris
Colleen Norton
Jennifer Norton
Clara Orban
Lauren Perez
Liz Pfau
Diane Piszczor-Rink
Mary Reynolds
Sandy Romero
Ben Ruiz
Caroline Schreiber
Jessica Schreiber
Arden Schuman
Lena Singer
Katie Skibbe
Eryn Smith-Moeller
Robyn Stellman
Brett Stockdill
Martha Thompson
Samantha Turner

Carrie Villa
Margaret Vimont
Vanessa Vincent
Amy Voege
Paul Whitlock
Robyn Whitlock
Nat Wilson
Amy Winston
Shira Zisook

To find out more about becoming an IMPACT volunteer, contact Jennifer, Graduate Volunteer Coordinator at

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