Monday, February 7, 2011

Looking Ahead to New IMPACT Chicago Leadership

2010 was another exciting one for IMPACT Chicago. As we look toward the future, many changes are ahead, but this year we began to assure that these changes would be nothing but positive for the organization.

After 2012, IMPACT Chicago will be a different place, and we are planning for that eventuality. Martha Thompson, for many of us the heart and soul of the organization, will step down as Executive Director at the end of 2012. She will not be gone, by any means—those of you who’ve had the privilege of knowing Martha know that! She will continue with her first love, working as an instructor for IMPACT.

This means that IMPACT Chicago must begin to plan now the transition leading up to the day when Martha will no longer be Executive Director. In 2010, we started to restructure the Board and our work to bring on new people and new structures. A few of our long time Board members left us in 2010, to pursue other interests as they continue to help their communities: Liz Pfau, our long standing Treasurer, and Maureen Dunn, our Board Secretary. In those positions, Katie Skibbe has taken over the Treasurer’s position and Lisa Amoroso has become IMPACT Secretary. Amanda Crawford, Associate Director from September 2009-December 2010 also stepped down from the board. The Board thanks Amanda, Liz, and Maureen for helping the Board help IMPACT.

In June, we also constituted several standing committees: Graduate Relations, Publicity, and the Executive Council. Interim chairs are Martha Thompson for Publicity and Debborah Harp, board member, for Graduate Relations. As Chair of the Board, I work with Lisa and Katie as the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. We believe these changes will allow us to continue to improve IMPACT Chicago and bring in even more women.

New to 2011 will be the Task Force on the Executive Director Transition. We intend to plot out the path leading to the day when Martha will become “emerita” Executive Director. As a final word, we are always looking forward to volunteers to help us in our various endeavors. We look forward to hearing from you, and to your energy as we plan for the future.

Clara Orban, Chair, Board of Directors

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