Sunday, March 27, 2011

Four Reasons to Take an IMPACT Chicago Course

I call these “The Four S’s of IMPACT Chicago”:

Skills. Of course, the big reason to take an IMPACT Chicago class is for the life-saving skills you’ll acquire: not just fighting skills (although you’ll gain plenty of those), but also the skill to avoid a fight, to drive away a potential attacker with the power of your presence and/or the
strength of your voice.

Safety. IMPACT Chicago’s courses are built around safety. Not only are the instructors committed to keeping everyone injury-free during class, but they also understand that the course can elicit some intense emotions, and they do a great job of building a safe environment for students to experience whatever feelings come up.

Supportiveness. Every organization has a “culture,” and IMPACT Chicago’s is a culture of supportiveness. From start to finish, an IMPACT class revolves around supporting each woman or girl, wherever she may be on her unique life-journey.

Solidarity. I was going to say “Sisterhood,” but that doesn’t capture the full spirit of IMPACT. IMPACT Chicago is about women and men working together to eradicate violence against women; and the sense of solidarity that develops in an IMPACT course is an amazing and wonderful thing to be part of!

Amy Voege
2010 IMPACT graduate
IMPACT Chicago Board member

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