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Monday, October 10, 2011

More Than “Muggers”

By Bree S.

After leaving class yesterday and really processing the course, I felt the need to share my sincerest gratitude again. Counting my blessings is very important to me, and IMPACT is now on that list.  My experience the past few days truly exceeded all expectations I had in what a self-defense course was like. I often heard that although self-defense skills can be helpful, they can also give you a false sense of security. I believe anyone who goes through an IMPACT Core training would never think this. I now have the ability to protect and defend myself against any man, no matter how much taller and bigger he is than me.. My last fight in graduation made me realize this. Ready for the mugger crossing me from the front, I was completely caught off guard by the mugger who came from behind. Being able to take him down after being so surprised, as it would be in real life, I believe I can truly be in the moment for whatever situation arises, although I hope I never have to. So thank you both for challenging me and making me rise to the occasion.
You have given me the gift of power, knowledge and peace of mind, a gift I will never be able to re-pay you for. I have to commend you both for how well you play your role in the class. I was so impressed! Being able to play all three roles from the leader (someone I trusted, whom I wanted to open up to because I could feel how much you believe in your purpose to make the world a more peaceful place, not only for the women in your life, but for all women), to the role of the instructor (making sure each of us individually understood every move, when to use it and insure execution with utmost power), to the role of the mugger (challenging me to dig deeper than I thought I could, to experience that moment of fear and use it as fuel to set myself free) was just awesome. Each of these roles is something most men could never take on, let alone all three. The heart and passion of IMPACT Chicago suited instructors is truly moving. Knowing there are such great guys like them out there fighting the good fight is a comforting feeling.
You have made me a stronger, more vocal person and I won't think twice about asking for the respect I deserve from now on. IMPACT is such a necessary and empowering program, I truly believe it should be a life skills course required by young women in high school. Maybe one day this can be a reality. Thank you so much again and know that you are making a real difference in the lives of women, but also the world. 

Male instructors pictured from left to right backrow: Ben, Rob, Tjuan, Nat, Mark
Also pictured: Margaret, Workshop Instructor Naomi, and Martha

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