Monday, November 28, 2011

IMPACT: a space where women can discover what is already true and inside of themselves

Our society appears grossly confused on the concept of blame and responsibility pertaining to criminal behavior. Additionally, our helping professions and our legislation are often laced with the underlying belief that rape, assault and abuse are problems stemming from and about women. Finally, there is a common myth that self defense only applies to individuals who have been “traumatized.”

In reality, the statistics for violence are non-discriminatory. Nearly everyone has been victimized by violence in the media, witnessed violence, sexual harassment on the street, or someone they know experiencing violence.

IMPACT prepares people for reality. And one of the greatest concepts I have learned at IMPACT is clarifying the concept of blame. Every time someone makes a choice to assault, push boundaries, harass or become violent, they are responsible for their choice. Because of the practical, hands on, full contact drills, IMPACT also clarifies what wrong looks like in real life, emotionally charged scenarios which assists in quick and efficient decision making for self-defense and de-escalation.

Clarifying right and wrong in-worse-case-scenario physical and verbal simulations frees women to take a stand for right in our society.

IMPACT does not change women from who they are. IMPACT is merely a space where women can discover what is already true and inside of them.

Sarah Grove, 2007 IMPACT graduate

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