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Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Have a “Mugger?”

Mark Nessel, IMPACT Chicago Suited Instructor

In order to give women complete opportunities to develop the skills that they come to the Core program to develop, we have to provide them with a number of different things. We have to provide them with training to learn the skills, a safe environment in which to practice the skills, an opportunity to practice the skills, and motivation to use them to their fullest in practice. The Mugger serves that last bit, and it’s what separates our program from most other self-defense programs out there. Without the Mugger, why fight? Why keep fighting when it gets difficult? For that matter, without the Mugger, how difficult could it get?

The Mugger creates the impetus for the interaction, and then challenges her physically and tests her resolve to defend herself no matter what. IMPACT graduates have repeatedly had their resolve tested and know at a deep level that they have the determination and skills needed to protect themselves, no matter how hard the fight gets.

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