Monday, December 17, 2012

IMPACT 2012: A Year of Transition

This has been another very busy year at IMPACT Chicago, with new people coming onboard, an anniversary and, as always, the dedicated group of volunteers and graduates.
   This year has been one of transition.  Martha Thompson, IMPACT Chicago’s Executive Director for over 20 years, stepped down from that position October 1.  She worked tirelessly for decades to build the organization and bring it to prominence.  Her transition from the position was smooth.  She has not left IMPACT, however, because she continues to work with the instructor team and will bring her experience and expertise to various new committees IMPACT is forming.
    We were able to celebrate Martha at the 25th Anniversary this October—25 years of bringing safety to women and girls.  What an accomplishment!  All of you are the reason we could celebrate, as we did, with muggings and seminars in the morning and afternoon, lunch and a very moving Closing Circle, where Martha was at the center...a symbol of her continuing role in IMPACT.
    It has been a year of continued strength in our course offerings, with Core Programs, Workshops, Advanced Courses and more.  IMPACT Chicago continues to look for ways to expand its work while keeping true to the mission.
    For that reason, also, the IMPACT Board will have a new look and feel coming in 2013.  The Executive Director position will be phased out, in favor of a series of working groups that will report to the Board as a whole.  This structure better represents the organizational philosophy of IMPACT, as we move towards the future.  As Executive Director, Martha brought unique skills to the table.  As we continue, teams will work on individual aspects of IMPACT’s mission in a spirit of collaboration. Please know that IMPACT Chicago will continue to have a Board structured to respect its non-profit status.
    And as it is a year of transition, I, too, will be transitioning from the Board of IMPACT.  It has been a privilege to chair this Board for 5 years now.  As the Board moves to a new structure, I know it will continue to find innovative ways of making IMPACT even better than ever.  I know I’ll be “on the mat” cheering as I read, like you, about all the great things IMPACT’s future holds.
    I wish you a wonderful, safe New Year- filled with possibilities.

                            Clara Orban, Ph.D.
                            Chair, Board of Directors 2007-2012

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