Monday, February 18, 2013

I Fight for the Better Good

by Patricia

I was abused as a child and became independent at the age of 16. Unfortunately, as an adult, I was a victim of assault; something I thought I had escaped forever. Through counseling and coaching and my own will, I have become a strong survivor and an advocate in my area for the homeless and women and children at risk. I have worked in outreach for over twenty years. I can relate to many stories that are shared with me at shelters and on the street and, as a result, share what helped me- with the hope that others may find their way through darkness.

I went into the IMPACT Core Program understanding that I fell victim to others’ violence and it was never my fault. I understood, soundly, that I was a survivor and that I was strong before I came to IMPACT; but, what I didn’t realize was, there was yet another threshold that I was about to face. I learned that there were times when I had fallen victim, then rose to become a survivor and became strong. Now I have risen, yet again, and have realized I am not only a survivor … I am a fighter. I fight for the better good- sometimes in a gentle way, sometimes in a fierce way- and I am very capable. That is very empowering for me to know and to understand about myself – for me to bring into a conscious awareness.

I broke through fears about my girls, one day, being harmed and now realize I cannot protect them by being fearful, but I can empower and teach them to protect themselves.

Two opportunities in March: Core Program, March 8, 9, 10 and IMPACT for Middle School Girls, March 16 and 17. Call 773-561-9000 or email

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