Monday, March 18, 2013

I Relieved My Memory

That girl that walked
In that door the other day,
She still looks as she was,
But she'll never be the same.

The recurring daymares,
Paranoia and hypervigilance
Had taken over with
Its tortuous insolence.

For far too long now,
Fear has commandeered my life.
So I'm calling this “foul,”
And relinquishing this plight.

Chasing my tail,
I've been foraging by day,
Searching for something
From which not to run away.

That girl that came in?
She had no boundaries.
No room to cave in, but
From somewhere, I found me!

Confident and cocky,
I would laugh in your face.
Did you still want to take me?
Please, come get a taste.

Your faces are burned in my memory.
I try, but we know I could never forget.
No chance, no potential remedy
To ease the pain from it.

With each stride on that mat,
Undoubtedly, I'm stronger.
I feel my progress as my body grows sore,
But blankly, I can fight even longer

Than my brain tells me I can,
My muscles keep on moving.
Aware of the capability of man,
They seek safety in dueling.

Three times, we've departed,
More empowered every day.

The vulnerability with which I started
Has brought me such a long way.

Alliance I've found in some of you,
Inspiration from some others.
Profound encouragement too,
And comfort in another.

These things wouldn't be possible
Without the support of my team.
This confidence, not so plausible
If I've had no one to lean

On, no steady medium down.
I'll never have to fight alone,
So powerful, I'll still hear the sound,
And beside each other we've grown,

Learned our capabilities,
A surprise, I'm sure, to us all.
Our strength and body agilities,
We were all so sure we'd fall.

We'll all walk out of here
Stronger women, without a doubt.
Even with our smoke and mirrors,
Looking crazy as hell on the ground!

We've learned how powerful we are,
I know we are more so than we think.
That seems to be the trend thus far,
The deeper we make it, the further we can sink.

I got through this with your support,
Although I came here alone.
The comradery, just the right sort,
All on the same streets we roam.

All strangers, just last week,
We derived strength from each other.
At some point here, we've all felt weak,
And each offered support to another.

Hopping up and down,
Jumping face to face,
Laughing while we hop around,
Glad we're all in this place.

Nothing more to ask for,

Never dreamed it could be this fun.
Hands down for the line's support,
No better way this could be done!

We made something that I've feared so much
Go by just like entertainment.
I never thought I'd see again
Such power in containment.

~Felicia Kamradt

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