Monday, August 5, 2013

Teen Girls Say “NO!” To Violence

- Gymnasts Proclaim Their Fighting Spirit -

A group of teen girls from a local tumbling team, applied the skills they learned on the gymnastics mat- agility, strength and determination- to a whole new scenario: self-defense.

After a tragic loss of a close friend, the potential of experiencing violence, directly or indirectly, became a reality for these young women. Guided by a personal coach from IMPACT Chicago, these teens took to the mats and learned to assess dangerous situations, set boundaries, and as a last resort- physically defend themselves.

“IMPACT has made me a stronger person, has built up my confidence and taught me to never underestimate myself. Learning these skills has made me more of a woman than I ever was before.” recalls Bri, a middle school student who recently completed IMPACT for Girls.

“IMPACT is a great experience to have and it teaches you that you're as strong as you feel you are against anyone, big or small. I really liked it and think you should give it a try!!!” Si, a middle school student, exclaims after completing IMPACT for Girls.

Jesse Holzman, IMPACT Grad and IMPACT 2013 Summer Intern

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