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Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank you to our 2013 Volunteers

IMPACT Chicago is primarily a volunteer-run organization. With the exception of office management/registration and instructional class time, all other work from publicity to outreach to social media is done by volunteers. Thank you to all the volunteers who keep IMPACT going!

Consider volunteering in 2014!

Please let us know (info@impactchicago.org) if we have, inadvertently, left your name off the list.

Lisa Amoroso
Michael Armato
Rob Babcock
Angie Betancourt
Lili Betancourt
Nilda Betancourt
Ann Botz
Tara Brinkman
Bruce Brio
Courtney Childs
Julie Curtis
Tracie Dahlke
Tammy DeBoer
Kaitlin Decero
Nicole DeVito
Maureen Dunn
Leslie Eto
Patti Fievoli
Ann Gerbin
Eliat Goldberg
Debborah Harp
Sheila Hickey
Jesse Holzman
Carol Jungman
Felicia Kamradt
Katie Kramer
Diane Long
Naomi Love
Jim Lucas
Deb Mier
Emily Moreno
Rose Naegele
Mark Nessel
Stan Nevin
M. Sophia Newman
Molly Norris
Jennifer Norton
Clara Orban
Chemley Paola
Sharlyn Pech
Lisa Pines
AC Racette
Jamie Rice
Regina Rodríguez-Martin
Megan Royster
Ashley Ruiz
Ben Ruiz
Deanna Rutherford
Clariza Saint George
Janette Scott
Arden Schuman
Katie Skibbe
Martha Thompson
Heidi Tehilla Newman
Allison Tolman
Linda Tran
Carrie Villa
Margaret Vimont
Nat Wilson
Amy Winston
Steve Wright
Shu-Ju Yang

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