Monday, August 11, 2014

IMPACT is International

IMPACT Chicago is part of IMPACT International, an international affiliation of independent chapters. Each IMPACT chapter has its own organizational structure and programmatic focus but all chapters share characteristics, such as teaching through realistic scenarios, teaching verbal skills and the use of the voice, teaching full-force physical techniques, creating a supportive environment, sensitivity to trauma.

IMPACT International meets annually. Martha Thompson, Instructor and Director Emeritus is the IMPACT Chicago representative to IMPACT International. This year the meeting will be in August in Boston. On this year’s agenda: an update on the IMPACT trademark, a local panel of advocates for people who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault, self-defense research, media content and empowerment messages, new chapter development, talking points about IMPACT, and the IMPACT International Board Meeting. Prior to the three-day meeting, IMPACT International representatives will have the opportunity to attend IMPACT: Ability, an empowerment program for people with disabilities.

For more information about IMPACT International and IMPACT:Ability.

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