Monday, September 15, 2014

Safety is Key to Reaching Your Fullest Potential

On the first day of the IMPACT International Directors Meeting in August 2014, IMPACT Boston offered a day-long training to IMPACT Directors and Representatives to experience first-hand IMPACT:Ability, a program that teaches people with disabilities, schools, and nonprofits to understand and prevent abuse. IMPACT Boston is part of Triangle, an organization committed to all people reaching their fullest potential. Triangle COO Tom Marshall said that the foundation of reaching one’s full potential is feeling safe and that IMPACT provides an avenue for people to develop an understanding of safety and tools to enhance one’s safety.

The training started with a demonstration of IMPACT:Ability, followed by a two-hour training and the opportunity for directors and representatives to practice their newly-learned skills with a mock class of Triangle participants. In the afternoon, IMPACT International directors and representatives worked with two different experienced instructor teams to teach two simultaneously offered two-hour workshops. IMPACT Chicago Instructor Martha Thompson participated in the training and is pictured here with the IMPACT Boston training teams and others attending the IMPACT International Directors Meeting.

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