Monday, November 3, 2014

Bringing IMPACT to More Women and Girls: Laura M. Dini, IMPACT Chicago Referral/Outreach Coordinator

Laura M. Dini is new Referral/Outreach Coordinator for IMPACT Chicago. Laura works with graduates from the Core Program and with Workshop participants as well as their supporters. She also nurtures contacts with female-focused support organizations, such as rape-crisis centers and social services organization to promote the benefits to their members of IMPACT’s Core Program. Key among her responsibilities is collaborating with Core Program graduates for referrals, as well as increasing  social media and press contacts.
Another focus is to increase the number of schools, universities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses contacting IMPACT for workshops from graduates and their supporters. In the first 1½ months at the job, Laura has increased the number of participants in one  Core Program by 50% through collaboration with Chicago’s largest provider of supportive housing exclusively for women, researched new locations, reached out to recent graduates & collaborated on the annual fund drive. Laura works closely with Lisa Amoroso, Board Chair, Martha Thompson, Director Emeritus & IMPACT Instructor and Tara Brinkman, Registration and Workshop Coordinator.

Laura received her B.A. from UMKC and her Master of Arts in Applied Professional Studies from DePaul with a focus on Project Management, Knowledge-sharing and Cross-Cultural Integration for International Nonprofits.

Throughout Laura’s working career, she has brought strong analytical, planning and organizational skills to the successful execution of numerous projects, focusing on cooperation and efficiency. Moreover, her public relations and marketing experience, particularly in the nonprofit sector, has provided her with strong communications and networking skills. Much of this experience was devoted to building support for, and increasing participation in the programs at the continuing education school at the University of Chicago. “Networking and outreach are traits that come naturally to me. When I believe in an organization, it is second nature for me to promote it!”

She also has a variety of volunteer experiences such as as a volunteer fundraiser for the
Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club, volunteer fundraiser for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and Member/Facilitator/Volunteer for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
Laura has a broad cross-cultural perspective, strong work ethic, and personal initiative and knows the value of establishing and nurturing a network of support resources and professional relationships.

Laura has just recently finished her first IMPACT Core Program and has the utmost respect and admiration for the instructors and volunteers who run the program. “I have seen all the hard-work and organizing that it takes to plan these programs and workshops but to then see the dedicated and energetic instructors and volunteers who guide the participants through this incredible program has been thoroughly inspiring!”

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