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Monday, December 1, 2014

What if Every Woman and Girl Had Self-Defense Tools?

“IMPACT is not about ‘kicking butt.’ It’s about learning to ‘look’ at my surroundings, ‘assess’ my situation and take appropriate action. This makes the world a safer place for me and for all those I encounter.” Tess
Imagine if every girl and woman had self-defense tools and the confidence to act upon their assessment of situations in which they found themselves!

Your Donation Matters!

If you've been around, you know the drill. If you’re new to IMPACT, here's the drill: IMPACT asks for financial support once per year. Donations of all sizes matter! They have allowed us to move to a Sliding Scale for the Core Program this year. Also, we have been able to offer free or reduced workshops to organizations serving lower income women and girls. Please donate today.

Self-Defense Training Empowers!
Women who have had self-defense training are more likely to stop rape and sexual assault than women who have not. Learning self-defense is not victim-blaming or shaming — it is empowerment and increases women’s options.

Word of Mouth Works!
Sharing your experience is one of the best ways to help IMPACT fulfill its mission to bring self-defense to all women and girls. Our new Referral Program recognizes you for encouraging other women to take IMPACT by giving you 25% off an Advanced Program.

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