Monday, June 8, 2015

Off to College: Defensive Literacy

"What if preparing for violence is just as responsible as acknowledging the possibility of a car accident or fire? When we use seatbelts, we are not inviting car accidents. We are simply being accountable for the possibility that car accidents happen. We have fire drills so we don't have to figure out what to do when the fire is happening. Drilling for violence actually makes one less of a target." Ellen Snortland and Gavin de Becker (2011) 

How parents can support defensive literacy
1. Does your daughter's high school have self-defense training? 
2. When you visit a campus in the spring, or even the fall when you leave your student, insist that the campus NOT depend solely on "rescue" strategies for safety. 
3. Ask your student to promise they will find a designated sober party-person.
4. Does the school have adrenalin based, realistic scenario self-defense training? 

For the full blog, go to Ellen Snortland and Gavin de Becker. 2011.  "Rites of Spring" Huffington Post, November 17.

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