Monday, August 3, 2015

Self-Defense Deserves A Rightful Place

It is often suggested and many have stated that we need self-defense training because we can't simply wait for social change to happen. Of course THAT IS TRUE. But I don't like this thinking because it tacitly implies that IF social change - a decline in rape culture- were to happen, we wouldn't need to do or offer self-defense.

I can't 'like" this particular line of reasoning because the myriad powers and shifts that good training engenders goes FAR beyond stemming current day rape culture-and the need to solve this problem. I view self-defense and what it releases as a primal and powerful life force - and as must-know-skills. As long as there are a handful of people on the planet, self-defense skills will never be passé. And the mojo that it turns on has SO many ripple effects ...the courage it liberates, the confidence and fighting heart it engenders, the strengths that are applicable to all areas of one's life. And did I mention? It just plain feels good. Self-defense deserves a rightful place in the constellation of life itself.

Melissa Soalt, Founder, Creatrix, Author at Fierce & Female

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