Monday, November 30, 2015

Taking Street Harassment Seriously

Soraya Chemaly (2015) argues that we need to take street harassment seriously. While it varies from country to country, 80-90 % of women experience street harassment, most before they are 17 years old. The harassment that girls of color, LGBTQ community, and women with disabilities experience is particularly intense. She acknowledges that most men and even some women view street harassment as a compliment, but Chemaly argues that it is on the continuum of gender-based violence and creates tolerance for disrespecting women and girls.

Chemely urges parents to talk to kids about street harassment and to use the resources developed by Stop Street Harassment to raise awareness of and provide avenues for stopping street harassment.

Chemaly, Soraya. 2015. “Why We Need to Take Street Harassment Seriously. Washington Post, September 28.

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