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Monday, February 29, 2016

Girls on Fire

Susan Harrow, author of True Shield: Verbal Self-DefenseTraining for Young Women & Teens, is committed to girls having the tools and the “fire” to use their words to keep themselves safe.  Her book is built around 10 scenarios that girls often face:
1.       A “cool” girl spreads rumors or teases you.
2.       A guy grabs your butt or boobs.
3.       You are offered drugs.
4.       A bully is targeting you.
5.       You are the target of a cyber-bully.
6.       A teacher ignores you.
7.       A teacher gives you a grade you don’t believe you deserve.
8.       You are being catcalled on the street
9.       When you want a job or an internship but no one thinks you have any skills.
10.   When someone asks you out on a date and the answer is NO.
For each scenario, Harrow describes the scenario, what is really going on, what you can say, what you can do and provides words of wisdom from other girls in their teens and twenties.

For more information or a copy of the book, go to www.prsecrets.com/books/true-shield/

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