Monday, February 13, 2017

I still remember the faces and names of the women in my course: Lisa Amoroso, 1991

Lisa with daughter Carmen and signs for the Women's March
Lisa Amoroso took the IMPACT Core Program in 1991 and has been a volunteer ever since. At one time or another,  Lisa has done just about every volunteer job available in those 25 years—including mat moving and class assisting, serving as a board member (1991-2012), chairing the board (2012-2014), chairing our annual fund drive (1995-2015), and being the co-director of the Administrative Team (2012-present). In these past 25 years, Lisa has been involved in almost every major administrative decision, from changing our name to IMPACT, hiring new personnel, and most recently, leading the team effort to consolidate our cloud-based work into Google Office.
IMPACT Chicago is so fortunate that Lisa brings her many talents to her volunteer work. Lisa received her Ph.D. from the Kellogg School of Management with a joint degree in Management, Organizations, and Sociology. She is a Professor of Management at the Brennan School of Business Management at Dominican University where she teaches a range of courses, including Negotiations, Human Resource Management, and Organization Behavior.
In reflecting upon why she volunteers for IMPACT, Lisa said:  “The empowerment I felt during my first IMPACT course has altered so many aspects of my life. I still remember the faces and names of the women in my course and the majesty of each woman as she tapped into her strength. I feel that everything from parenting to teaching to simply being has been positively shaped by the foundational values of our organization. One thing that makes IMPACT’s culture particularly special to me is that these values are not assumed, but explicit, and refined to ensure alignment with IMPACT’s mission. I love that IMPACT is continually learning, questioning, and changing. It has been truly an honor for me to work with the administration staff, instructors, and volunteers.”
Martha Thompson, Instructor and Co-director of the Admin Team

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