Monday, May 1, 2017

IMPACT for People with Disabilities Comes to Chicago

IMPACT:Ability Trainers Mandy & Mike with IMPACT Chicago Ben, Martha, Rob, Deb, & Katie
IMPACT Chicago just returned from Boston where five of us—Ben, Deb, Katie, Martha, and Rob—received training in IMPACT:Ability, a program where people with disabilities learn to protect themselves and make positive, safe choices. IMPACT Boston Mandy Doyle and Mike Perry with assistance from Myranda Pierce, offered a thoughtful, well-organized and inspiring training.  Thank you to Mal Malme for running the Chicago marathon to raise money for the training, the many donors who contributed, and to Meg Stone, Executive Director of IMPACT Boston for her inspiration and support.
Katie in IMPACT:Ability Practice Class
The topics covered and skills taught in IMPACT:Ability include:
  • Refusing unwanted help from a stranger
  • Refusing unwanted attention while commuting on public transportation
  • Escaping an attempted abduction
  • Deflecting and escaping a bullying situation at school
  • Assertive communication with peers around issues including gossip and pressure to drink or use drugs
  • Resisting unwanted sexual touch from a caregiver or adult, including workplace sexual harassment
  • Resisting attempted sexual assault by a dating partner or peer
  • Assertive communication with personal care attendants and others

For more information or to organize an IMPACT:Ability program, contact

Deb in IMPACT:Ability Practice Class
Martha and Ben in Practice Class

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