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Monday, June 12, 2017

Bystander Support Workshops

Al Mirsa Collective
IMPACT Chicago had the pleasure of providing three “Speak Up, Speak Out” workshops during the first 100 days of the current administration. Immediately following the 2016 Presidential election, we had an unprecedented number of requests not only to provide training on how to set personal boundaries in the new social climate, but how to use those skills to help others. IMPACT Chicago believes that everyone can and should take care of themselves, and everyone needs help sometimes.

The Chicago Foundation for Women #100DayFund allowed IMPACT Chicago to develop our bystander support curriculum to more fully incorporate discussion about personal safety issues affecting Muslim women and girls; trans women and girls and across the broad range of gender expression; immigrant women; and women and girls of color. Our philosophy holds that gender equity proceeds from finding our voice as women and the use of this voice and body language to set boundaries for the safety of others and ourselves.
Howard Brown

Day 65 March 26, 2017 Al Mirsa Collective

Day 76 April 6, 2017 Howard Brown

Day 96 April 26, 2017 Denim Days
organized by Haute Seeker and Runway Addicts

Denim Days
We have been honored to provide workshops to these communities.

Molly Norris
IMPACT Chicago Instructor
Speak Up, Speak Out Lead Instructor
(with assistance from Martha Thompson and Tara Brinkman)

Editor's Note: To read more about bystander intervention, check out Bystander Intervention is Still Worth the Risk by Alena Schaim, Executive Director, Resolve New Mexico.

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