Monday, October 2, 2017

IMPACT, Diva Remix

At the end of the September Core Program, one participant shared her IMPACT, Diva Remix of artists: Aretha Franklin, Cardi B, No Doubt, Beyonce, Tay Cellblock C, Demi Lovato, and Christina Aguilera.

Takes longer than Aretha’s spelling to find out what it means to me
R E S P E C T , that you wouldn’t from go is Bananas
Hey, you’re mistaken, you can’t fuck with me,
I talk hard like Cardi B. No Doubt
I’ll hit harder too, don’t cross my drawn line.
I walk with a power of the Queen Beyonce,
Hurt me, and you only hurt yourself. Dumbass don’t.
Now smarter, harder in the knick of time like Tay
Cellbock C tango, dance asshole I’m in formation.
Paybacks a bad bitch Demi says I’m baddest in the game
Far too nice of me to take it easy nuh uh, no way.
He had it coming, only his crossing my boundaries to blame.
Look what you made me do back at you, oh, dipshit it’s on you.
Christina preached I wouldn’t know what I could pull through
If it wasn’t for all you tried, capital T, tried to do.
No shouldv’e been enough, but we had to go another route.
Cuz you won’t pull a full stop I pulled a safe drop and you're out.
Until the days my muscles don’t need to remember
IMPACT, Thanks for making us fighters this September.

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