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Monday, June 4, 2018

IMPACT for Girls: Reflection from M and her Mom

In May 2018, IMPACT Chicago offered IMPACT for Girls at North Park Elementary School (NPES). One of the participants and her mother who attended a final portion of the program shared their experiences.

Participant M, Age 11, NPES
"I felt more empowered and stronger than I thought I was, both physically and mentally. I was so proud of myself and my friends."

Liz Burgess, Parent, NPES
"I was overwhelmed by such a rush of different emotions all at once while watching my daughter work through the scenarios. I was scared for her. I was shocked by how real this felt. I was impressed by how she was able to handle herself with her voice and body. I was proud of the confidence and focus she exhibited while doing so. I was holding back the tears watching my beautiful, smart and strong girl rise up and take control of a potentially unsafe situation. Thank you IMPACT Chicago!"

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