Monday, January 14, 2019

Add Your Voice: Proposed Title IX Changes and Sexual Harassment

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has proposed a major overhaul to the way colleges and universities handle sexual misconduct complaints. 

How will these proposed changes affect people who are sexually harassed on college campuses?

  • What constitutes sexual harassment will be limited, requiring someone to experience severe, repeated, or escalating harassment before they can file a Title IX complaint.
  • Schools will not be required to investigate sexual harassment that occurs off-campus at parties, bars, and online.
  • Students will have to report to a high ranking university official instead of a teacher or mentor they know.
There is a Notice and Comment Period until January 28, 2019. Please make your voice heard.

Some Resources for  Learning More and for Making a Comment
Devos' New Sexual Assault Guidelines are Open for Public Comment
End Rape on Campus Toolkit
#HandsOff IX Submit a Comment
#KnowYourIX Notice and Comment
National Women's Law Center Comment Guide re Title IX

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