Monday, July 22, 2019

What's an Empowering Phrase for You?

On June 18, we asked IMPACT grads on Facebook: Is there an empowering phrase or mantra that has really stuck with you since taking your IMPACT course? Here is what grads said:

AC: "Learning to use my big chest-voice was a key lesson. And as recently as today, not caring how others see me--as I do stretches in public after a long day of walking to loosen up my back. My favorite saying: "a wise woman once said, 'screw this stuff and lived happily ever after.'"

Alexandria: "Knowing that appropriate use of voice is such a large tool in keeping safe has been important to me and is something I pass on to others."

Alicia: "It's okay to maintain my physical boundaries," referring to folks who approach me."

Byler: "Keeping myself safe is more important than trying to please others."

Emily: "Use your voice!"

Sarah: "Your safety is worth anyone's embarassment, even your own."

Yudit: "She's READY."

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