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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Power of Social Media

IMPACT Chicago social media connections have become an increasingly important avenue for maintaining contact with graduates, networking with other organizations, and widening our influence in framing self-defense as a positive and empowering experience. We do daily (Monday-Friday) posts on Facebook and Twitter, weekly blogs, and monthly e-newsletters.

On Facebook, we have over 400 friends (over 100 new friends since 1 year ago), had over 175,000 viewings of our posts and over 1,500 people posting feedback. We have over 160 Followers on Twitter and a re-tweet rate of .66 (industry average is .33).

There were over 3,000 viewings of our blogs. The most viewed blogs: I Stopped a Thief (September, Joselyn Galvez), We Call It Self-Defense (August, Cathie Bazzon), Ten Things Every Woman Should Know (April, Margaret Vimont), I Resisted Taking IMPACT (May, Shira Zisook) and IMPACT May Have Saved My Life (January, Megan). Our monthly e-newsletter about upcoming events and IMPACT activities is sent to over 500 people.

Arden Schuman and Martha Thompson are the organizers behind the IMPACT Chicago social media presence. Arden provides some editing and all the technical support and Martha is the content person—either writing or editing the content or recruiting people to provide the content.

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