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Monday, February 20, 2012

Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director: Application Instructions

  1. Completed Application with resume

  1. Narrative:Submit a written narrative of up to three pages addressing your qualifications for the position, as described on the full job description.  The job description can be found on the “Work with IMPACT” link on the IMPACT Chicago website.

  1. Video Up to a four minute long video should be created and submitted showing you “pitching” a collaboration or partnership with another organization.  Such alliances that could involve offering courses within the auspices of another organization, or attaching IMPACT Chicago’s back office operations to another organization are seen as promising strategic directions for IMPACT’s future. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  Describe the scenario you select for your “pitch” within this context in the space designated on the written application. The video itself should just show your verbal presentation to the organization of your choosing in this hypothetical scenario. 

For questions about the application process or to request a copy of the application form, please email application@impactchicago.org.

An application will not be considered unitl all components have been received by the Chair of the Search Committee.  Mail originals of all documents to
IMPACT Chicago
Attention: Search Committee
4770 N. Lincoln #6
Chicago, Il.  60660

It is preferred that videos be submitted as an electronic link on You Tube. The link should be sent to application@impactchicago.org with subject line: Attention Search Committee.The video portion of the application may be included with mailed documents if placed on DVD. 

A response to an applicant confirming receipt of complete application will be sent by email.  By April 1, 2012, all applicants who have submitted complete applications will have been notified if they will be moved to the next stage of consideration which will include multiple in person interviews, a completed background check and other requested items as identified by the Search Committee. 

Applications received after March 25, 2012 may or may not be considered at the discretion of the Search Committee. 

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