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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where would IMPACT Chicago be without you (donors and volunteers)?

Donors and Volunteers Make IMPACT Chicago possible
Tuition covers less than 65% of the cost of Core, Teen, and Girls programs. Donors and Volunteers provide the rest. Thank you

Fall 2011 Donors
Jeanne Adams, in honor of her mother, Lois Adams
Sandra Alguire
David and Janet Altman
Lisa Amoroso
Robert Babcock
Arlene Benzinger
Jill Britton
Sharon Bromberg
Patricia Broughton
Erin Cary
Chamberlin Law Group
Kimberly Clifton
Maury Collins
Dori Conn
Dianne Costanzo, in memory of Adrian Costanzo
Gail Davis Schubert
Donna Del Principe
Julie Dorfman, in honor of Dori Conn
Carla Eisenberg
Cheri Erdman
Judith Feilen-Kocsis
Carol Ference
Eileen Gelblat
Naomi Goldstein, in honor of her mother
Milca Gunderson, in memory of David Gundersen
Debborah Harp
Paula Hernandez
Valerie Jenkins
Pamela and James Jurkowski
Darlene and Kevin Kmiec, in honor of Darcy Peters
Mary Komparda, in honor of Dianne Costanzo
Christina Kyres-Coines
Susan Landwer
Naomi Love, in honor of P.J.
Susan McConnell, Matrix Center for Mind Body
Margaret McGrath
Dorothy Meyer
Shiyu Nitsos
Clara Orban
Liz Pfau
Rachel Pildis
Erica Plaisier
Lawrence and Sandra Post Family Foundation
Cathy Reed
Kenneth and Sandra Romero
Donald and Judith Rosedale, in honor of Katie Skibbe
Therese Schmieg
Michelle and Scott Schmitt, in honor of all women
Shamrock Foundation
Katie and Michael Skibbe
Patrice Stearley
Martha Thompson
Kelly Van Eaton
Amy Voege
Janis Voege in honor of Michael and Mary Kay Basler
Janis Voege in honor of Amy Voege
Tyler and Mallory (Morse) Whitmore

2011 Volunteers
Olga Adamska
Lisa Amoroso
Julie Aubry
Rob Babcock
John Baumgardner
Cathie Bazzon
Suzanne Caudill
Cynthia Coy
Paisly DiBianca
Maureen Dunn
Leslie Eto
Maria Fermin
Sarah Follmer
Joselyn Galvez
Sarah Grove
Megan Hamilton
Debborah Harp
Kevin Jones
Antjuan Kee
Katie Kramer
Barbara Linden
Naomi Love
Jim Lucas
Deb Mier
Alexandra Moffett-Bateau
Rose Naegele
Mark Nessel
Molly Norris
Colleen Norton
Jennifer Norton
Clara Orban
Jaimie Perez
AC Racette
Mary Reynolds
Dana Rhodes
Maria Roman
Ben Ruiz
Arden Schuman
Lena Singer
Katie Skibbe
Brett Stockdill
Bree Swartz
Martha Thompson
Margaret Vimont
Vanessa Vincent
Amy Voege
Nat Wilson
Amy Winston
Shira Zisook

If your name does not appear and should, we apologize for our error and will add you to the list. Please let Martha know (director@impactchicago.org).

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