Monday, June 4, 2012

I Stopped a Break-In

Lisa Amoroso, IMPACT graduate 1991 and Board Member

My IMPACT training helped me deal with a situation when someone recently tried to break into my backdoor while I was home. I had lots of adrenaline, but I was able to quickly assess the situation and my options. I assessed that he thought the house was empty and was not looking to sexually assault me. My decision was to yell 9-1-1 loudly and hold up the phone, the robber was about as surprised as I was and left, quickly. What I appreciated was that IMPACT had already given me opportunities to consider my options and react in an adrenalized state.

For me, the IMPACT training was transformative, which is why I have volunteered for IMPACT for over two decades. What I gained from IMPACT went well beyond effective, physical fighting skills. I increased my ability and confidence to set boundaries and make positive changes, to express my preferences, and to live with less fear. IMPACT training helped me keep in check some of the anxiety that comes along with being female in certain situations (e.g., a vacant parking garage). IMPACT helped me by giving me the tools I needed to handle potential volatile situations constructively. And now, it helped me stop a break-in.

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