Monday, June 18, 2012


Emma Goldman-Sherman

Step catch-up eye strike
Step catch-up knee to groin
Step catch-up heel of hand to jaw
Step catch-up knee to groin
we are dancing forward for a change
I can back you up to the edge of the world

when you go down I have knee to head
if you take me down I have hand slap to balls
shake and bake, elbow to face, pivot to load
I can straight kick and side kick
pull close for the ax-kick
I can switch legs and do it again

you are not padded
all my blows land in your soft flesh
you are not expecting me to fight
I can flip you out of me with a hip thrust
or a bicycle kick.  I can move through you
ghostly father of my dreams
incarnate assholes of my past

we are dancing forward 
and when we dance
I change the dream 
with the tools I've learned 
how to shout not scream
I now recognize manipulation, warning signs
I can breathe, reset, protect myself

I can say what I want
I can make myself heard
and if you can't adjust to that
then I can walk away,
or I can dance you backward 
to the edge of the world
and show you the stars. 

2012 copyright Emma Goldman-Sherman

Thanks to Emma and Prepare (IMPACT New York)

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