Monday, November 12, 2012

IMPACT Chicago: A Collaborative Network

Since its inception, IMPACT Chicago has operated as a network of people working independently and collaboratively to bring self-defense to women and girls in the Chicago area. In May 2012, we hired Julie Curtis as Executive Director. It has not been an easy decision for her to make, but Julie resigned November 6. She handled her resignation as she did her work as Executive Director -- with commitment, professionalism and integrity. Though her role will change, Julie plans to stay involved with IMPACT Chicago.
Julie offered her insight that the job description of Executive Director does not reflect how IMPACT Chicago actually works. The Board of Directors is examining ways to create an administrative approach where there is a stronger fit between our formal organization and the work being done. At its December meeting, the Board of Directors will discuss a proposal for addressing the issues Julie raised. In the meantime, almost all of our ongoing work is being temporarily covered. If you have questions or concerns, please email Lisa Amoroso, Board Secretary, who has volunteered to be the point-person for directing people to the best person to answer specific questions. You can reach Lisa at

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