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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready to Advance: Defense Against an Armed Rapist

Sheila Hickey, graduate of IMPACT Chicago Core Feb 2012

What was your experience in taking the Core this year?
I left this course knowing that I can protect myself and someone I love in the event someone tries to hurt us. I experienced a well structured class that combined demonstrations with experiential learning in the form of modeled muggings.  I felt well supported by the instructors and fellow IMPACT participants who stood next to me offering encouragement. 

What inspired you to take the DAAR?
I wanted to continue to challenge any emotional and physical obstructions I have to protecting myself from a would-be attacker. 

What are your thoughts, feelings about taking the DAAR?
Up until 2 weeks ago I was ambivalent about taking the course, but then I was threatened in front of my home by two men with a baseball bat.  Thankfully, I had a 95 lb protective dog with me who reared up and bared his ferocious self to these two would be attackers.  They ran off being afraid of my dog.  The incident caused me to think, what would I have done if my dog was not with me? 

I feel determined to learn additional skills in self-defense that will enable me to believe in my capacity to defend myself.

What are your feelings about IMPACT programming and self defense in general? 
I love IMPACT.  I know that the teaching methods used to promote muscle memory are effective teaching methods. 

Why is, isnt it important to you? Others?
It is important to me to believe in my abilities to protect myself.  I believe in my right to defend myself with practical defense techniques that are designed to enhance my physical attributes as a woman.

What do you enjoy most about it?  Least?
I enjoyed having the physical and vocal support of other women during my turn to defend against an attacker.  The simulated attacks felt very real.  I did not anticipate having such strong feelings of fear come up for me.  I was proud of myself that I did not allow the fear to interfere with protecting myself from the attacks.

Sheila is enrolled in IMPACT Chicagos upcoming advanced program
Defense Against an Armed Rapist taught the first weekend of December on the 1st and 2nd. Spanning two consecutive days, with six hours of training each day, this course will cover effective defenses to common attacks with a club, knife, or gun, from the front or the rear, both standing and on the ground.  You must be a graduate of the IMPACT Core program.

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