Monday, April 29, 2013


Tuition covers about 65% of the costs of the Core Program and IMPACT for Middle School Girls. Volunteers and donors cover the rest. For a list of 2012 volunteers, see the January 7 blog thanking volunteers.

A BIG THANK YOU TO Summer 2012-Spring 2013 Donors
 Anonymous -- 9 anonymous donors
J.L. Adams -- in honor of Lois Adams
Janet & David Altman
Amy Amoroso -- in honor of sister Lisa
Lisa Amoroso
Mary "Laney" Amoroso
Susan Atchison
Robert Babcock
Sarah Bell
Lili & Angela Betancourt
Dolores Bjorkman
Bruce Brio
Jill Britton -- in honor of Martha Thompson
Sharon Bromberg -- Jewish Communal Fund
Patricia Broughton -- in honor of Martha Thompson
Kathleen Casey
Kimberly Clifton
Nancy Cohen
Christina Collins
Maury Collins
Dorianne Conn
Kathryn Conway
Dianne Costanzo -- in memory of Adrian Costanzo
Cynthia Curtis -- for Dianne Costanzo scholarship
Julie Curtis
Maureen Dunn
Carla Eisenberg
Cheri Erdman
Judith Feilen-Kocsis
Carol Ference
Jill Fischberg
Tamurla Fletcher
Gwyndolyn Friend
Laurie Fuller -- in honor of Shelley Bannister
Eileen Gelblat
Anne Gendler
Katherine Gumpertz
Milca Gundersen
Debborah Harp
Margit Henderson -- in honor of Martha Thompson
Paula Hernandez
Demetria Iazzetto
Carol Jennings
Pamela Jurkowski
Melanie Kelley
Kasey Klipsch -- in honor of Sandy Mitzel
Mary Komparda -- in honor of Dee Costanzo
Danuta Kowalczyk
Katie Kramer
Yukiko Leggitt
Ruth Lipschutz
Carmen Maso
Susan McConnell
Margaret McGrath
Jeannetta McKinney
Marianne Merola
Dorothy Meyer
Deb Mier -- in honor of Martha Thompson
Shari Miller
Lauren Mueller
Joel Nathan -- in memory of Ms. Marion S.
Mark Nessel
Teresa Neurauter
Stan Nevin 
Anthony Nitsos
Shiyu Nitsos
Molly Norris
Anna Noschese -- in honor of Tammy Deboer
Clara Orban
Rachel Pildis
Lisa Pines
Chemely Pomales
Dana Rhodes
Judith Rosedale -- in honor of Katie Skibbe
Robin & Andrew Rosenthal
Kathleen Rottman
Ben Ruiz
Laura Sanders
Therese Schmieg
Gail Schubert -- in honor of Elana Schubert
Valerie Schultz
Tracey Shafroth
Katie Skibbe
Linda Stawicki
Martha Thompson
Sherrie Travis -- in Memory of Liliian Travis
Helene Turner
Carrie Villa -- in honor of Martha Thompson
Margaret Vimont
Amy Voege
Iris Waichler
Donna Wilkens
Mary Ann Wilkens
Sarah-Monique Williams
Nat Wilson
Amy Winston

*If we have made in errors in the list (e.g. left out a name, misspelled a name, etc.), please let us know ( and we will correct it. Thank you.

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