Monday, April 8, 2013

Tweet, Post, Friend: The IMPACT story

In 2009, Arden Schuman convinced then IMPACT Chicago Director Martha Thompson of the importance of IMPACT Chicago having a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Not long after, Arden said, “Let’s do a blog.” Arden has brought her technical savvy and intelligent encouragement to the IMPACT Chicago social media process. She does not micro-manage the content, but keeps things on track by pointing out types of posts, blogs, and blasts that bring more viewers, friends, readers. Once something is ready for publication or posting, she makes sure it gets to the public.

Although Martha has stepped down as Director of IMPACT Chicago (after 25 years of volunteer service), she continues to coordinate the social media content as well as teach IMPACT.  She says: “Working on social media has given me another way to educate the public about violence and self-defense.” Leslie Eto has recently taken on editing the blogs and AC Racette has been a regular contributor through writing blogs and doing interviews with volunteers and graduates.

If you want to contribute a blog, posts to facebook, or a tweet, let Jennifer, Volunteer Coordinator, know. We look forward to hearing from you!

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