Monday, February 3, 2014

Donors make an IMPACT!

Tuition covers about 65% of the costs of the Core Program and IMPACT for Middle School Girls. Volunteers and donors cover the rest. It is not too late to donate. Please send a check to IMPACT Chicago, 4770 N. Lincoln Ave #6, Chicago IL 60625 or contact Tara at if you would prefer to pay by credit card. 

Thank you to all those who financially supported IMPACT Chicago in 2013!

Jeanne Adams in honor of 5-year old Ainsley Jeanne
Susan Alberts
Janet and David Altman
Lisa Amoroso and Phil Tracy
Anonymous (5)
Anonymous (3) in honor of Molly Norris and Kelly Van Eaton
Robert Babcock
Dolores and Glenn Bjorkman
Jill Britton and Henry Borcyk in honor of Hannah Thompson
Bruce Brio
Patricia Broughton in honor of Martha Thompson
Nancy and Ira Cohen
Christina Collins
Maury Collins
Dianna Costanzo in memory of Adrian Costanzo
Tammy and James DeBoer
Cheri Erdman
Carol Ference
Tamurla J. Fletcher
Laurie Fuller
David Lieb and Anne Gendler
Therese Given
Katherine Gumpertz
Milca Gunderson in honor of David Gunderson
Margit and John Henderson
Hewlett Packard
Naomi Love
Deb Mier and Sheila Hickey in honor of IMPACT’s amazing instructor team
Loretta Jackson
Jim and Valerie Jenkins
Carol Jennings
Pam Jurkowski
Julia Kaminski
Melanie and Stephen Kelley in honor of Margaret Vimont's mother
June Kirk
Mary Komparda in honor of Dee Costanzo
Susan Landwer
Ruth Lipschutz in honor of Peggy Lipschutz
Susan McConnell
Margaret McGrath
Marianne Merola
Dorothy Meyer
Teresa Neurauter
Mark Nessel
Molly Norris
Northwestern University’s Panhellenic Association
Clara Orban
Lauren Perez
Liz Pfau
Rachel Pildis
Ben Ruiz
Theo Pintzuk in honor of Elaine Stocker
Donald and Judith Rosedale in honor of Katie Skibbe
Loriann and Roger Safian
Tess Schmieg
Katie Skibbe
Linda Stawicki in honor of Jill Britton and Henry Borcyk
Lou Sutton
Kathy Tank in honor of IMPACT grad Alissa Tank
Martha Thompson
Margaret Vimont
Mary Ann Wilkens
Nat Wilson

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