Monday, February 10, 2014

So you took self defense

You’ve taken a self-defense course, are a self-defense instructor or a martial artist. It is not uncommon for others to challenge you.

Joanne Factor of Strategic Living shares a story she heard from Jan Parker, a martial artist, about being challenged and using “disarming” self-defense.

. . . [A] young man heard from someone else that I was a martial artist. Boldly, he came up to me to make sure what he heard was true. “So, you’re a martial artist?” I nodded, noticing the drink in his hand. He continued, “Soooooo . . . What would you do if I just hauled off and hit you in the face?”

Jan responded:

“I would charge you with assault. What do you think I would do?” “For crying out loud,” I said, “we’re at a party, why in the world would you hit me in the face?”

Surprised, at my answer, he walked away.

Joanne says: “She assessed his intent, decided this silliness was not a situation to escalate, and gave a response he was so totally not expecting. Perfectly disarming self-defense.”

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