Monday, September 19, 2016

Middle School is a Time of Expanding Horizons: Let’s Stop Harassment of Girls

Empowerment self-defense instructor Clara Porter identifies sexual harassment as a community responsibility. In “A Streetwise Approach Can Stopthe Street Harassment of Children,” Porter urges us to see harassment of girls as unacceptable and not as an expected part of growing up.  
While we need to work at the community level to stop harassment, Porter also urges us to provide youth with tools to address harassment.
            IMPACTfor Girls is October 8 and 9. Encourage girls 12-15 that you know to check it out. In this eight-hour program, girls will increase:
  • Self-assurance when walking alone
  •  Ability to figure out what to say or do when experiencing interpersonal discomfort
  • Communication skills
  • Physical and verbal confidence.

 For more information, contact Tara at or click here.

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