Monday, October 31, 2016

I Want Everyone to Know About IMPACT: Janette Scott

Janette Scott, IMPACT Chicago Board 
Janette Scott, new IMPACT Chicago Board member, is a Project Architect at Wheeler Kearns Architects where she works with residential clients and non-profit organizations, including schools and religious groups. Recently her office completed Lakeview Pantry on Sheridan Road. She and other staff will volunteer there, sorting supplies and stocking shelves. Janette will also be volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in November. On a personal note, Janette loves to make things. She crochets and always has at least one sewing project going. Mostly she make gifts for babies, birthdays, and holidays.

September 2016 IMPACT Chicago Board
Janette was motivated to volunteer for IMPACT as a way to give thanks for her own IMPACT
experience and then her commitment grew into supporting other women by serving on the Board. She wants everyone to know about IMPACT and finds making it possible for others to take IMPACT extremely rewarding. Her first project as a Board member was to coordinate IMPACT Chicago support for IMPACT Boston grad Mal Malme who was running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for IMPACT Chicago instructors to receive training to teach IMPACT:Ability, a program for people with disabilities. A lively group of volunteers cheered on Mal with the signs that Janette created.

IMPACT Volunteers Cheer on Mal

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