Monday, October 24, 2016

You know self-defense, I better watch myself.

In "An Open Letter from a Jane, to the Assholes She's Dated Who Say Stupid Things When They Find Out She Knows Self-Defense," Jane takes people to task who cannot figure out how to respond to a woman who knows self-defense.  

Have you ever had anyone say to you: "You know self-defense, I better watch myself or you'll kick my ass. Hahahaha!" Jane says, they are really saying:  "what a joke--if I wanted to attack you, you couldn't do anything about it." 

So Jane says things that she would like to say, such as, I don't hit people just because they say stupid things and if I were going to kick you, it would not be your ass, but your testicles because they are a much more vulnerable target.

For more about what Jane would say to guys she's dated who have said stupid things about her knowing self-defense, check out See Jane Fight Back

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