Monday, November 14, 2016

Let's Build a Non-Violent World

The past few months have shown us that there is much work left to be done. Many people have stood up for the rights of immigrants, LGBTQ, minorities, and women. Others have been emboldened to terrorize, intimidate, and  harass. IMPACT is based on the idea that we do not have to choose between our personal safety and our freedom nor do our safety and freedom come at the expense of others. The IMPACT Chicago mission is to end violence and build a non-violent world in which all people can live safely and with dignity. Our goal is to teach self-defense so that women and girls will have the tools to prevent, minimize, and stop violence.  Everyone has the right to be safe, to protect themselves, and to live their life free from intimidation, persecution, exploitation, and assault.

To contribute to creating a safer world, IMPACT Chicago:
  • has added two Core Programs to the 2017 schedule 
  • will offer both Advanced programs in 2017
  • is training a new lead instructor
  • is taking applications for new suited instructors
  • will continue our sliding scale so anyone regardless of income can take a program
  • is exploring ways to bring more tools to more people

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