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Monday, November 28, 2016

Make a Difference: Say Something

Interpersonal violence--like domestic violence, sexual assault, or street harassment of someone because of their identity--is scary for the person experiencing it and those witnessing it. Saying something to interrupt, intervene, or stop interpersonal violence can contribute to an individual's safety and create a safer community.

Knowing that it is challenging to know what to do when witnessing interpersonal violence and to know how to keep oneself safe as well, Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor Lynne Marie Wanamaker and Safe Passage of Northampton MA have put together the Say Something Superhero Field Guide: A Manual for Eliminating Interpersonal Violence.

The Say Something Superhero Field Guide includes:
  • Information about what safe communities look like, what violence is, and what trauma is
  • Developing skills like intuition, preparation, judgment, assertiveness, and dealing with awkward situations
  • Ways to be an effective bystander, such as, self-awareness, community, resilience,awareness of trauma, self-care.

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