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Monday, July 24, 2017

Managing Adrenaline

IMPACT training is empowerment self-defense training for sure, but it is also managing adrenaline training. We are experiencing adrenaline when we are under stress and our heart starts beating faster and our breathing becomes more rapid. Part of IMPACT training is facing this stress in such a way that our adrenaline is working for us, not against us.

Here are some things we do in IMPACT that are examples of ways we learn to manage our adrenaline
  • Assess a situation
  • Breathe
  • Focus on what I can do next
  • Prioritize—what’s available on my body and what’s available on an aggressor’s body?
  • I’m worth fighting for
  • Focus on my strengths
  • Redefine emotions—fear is my ally, not an enemy
  • Be fully present in the moment
  • Keep on, keep on
  • Take care of myself—get to safety and get support
For more about managing adrenaline and staying calm under pressure, check out

Martha Thompson
IMPACT Chicago Instructor

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