Monday, July 31, 2017

Rearranging Your Mental Furniture

IMPACT Instructor Emeritus Dianne (Dee) Costanzo was the first person I heard link IMPACT training to re-training the brain or as she would say "rearranging our mental furniture."

Neuroplasticity refers to the idea that our life experience can change our brains. As an example, a recent grad said: "I never thought I could defend myself physically against a man. Now I know I can. It is an amazing change in world view."

Synaptic pruning refers to the idea that the brain cleans out synapses that aren't working much to create space for the brain to build new and stronger connections. I think when grads talk about IMPACT being life-changing that it is possible that their experiences in IMPACT removed some old synapses that had been holding them back in some way. As one grad said: "IMPACT was truly life changing! Feel empowered and inspired. New world of possibilities of what my body can do!"

For more:
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Martha Thompson
IMPACT Chicago Instructor

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