Monday, March 5, 2018

Katie Skibbe is an IMPACT Treasure(r)

Katie Skibbe delivers a powerful palm heel
Photo: Daniel Teafoe

Katie Skibbe has a deep commitment to anti-violence and has put in untold volunteer hours for over the past sixteen years. In 2002, she served as a crisis counselor at Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault. Her involvement with IMPACT started in 2007 after completing the Core Program.

It seems safe to say that the IMPACT community is well aware of Katie’s work as a Lead Instructor (certified April 2016) and Workshop lead (from 2013 to present)! If that is news to you, here is a link to her Instructor Bio. What you might not know is that Katie is also our Financial Department.Yep, she is it! She is actively involved in major policy decisions providing her wisdom and assessment of proposals on IMPACT’s financials; she is our Bookkeeper, handling reimbursements, bills, etc. She is also our Payroll Director, managing our payroll and relationship with Paychex. She is our Accountant, handling our IRS and State of Illinois filings; She is our Insurance Broker, she handles the selection of our insurance, the coverage options, the negotiation over premiums, and the payment – these are no small tasks(!). Katie’s administrative team work is absolutely incredible!

What you also might not know is that Katie serves as our Board Treasurer. This means she keeps the Board apprised of IMPACT’s fiscal situation through her careful attention to the numbers and helpful reports, but she does all this without ever forgetting our mission…

...AND she has been playing all of these roles since 2010.

Katie’s expertise (CPA, MBA) and experience (over 15 years of violence prevention work) regularly benefits IMPACT and our efforts to fulfill our mission. We are so fortunate to have Katie on our team.

Lisa Amoroso
IMPACT Chicago Board Chair
Admin Team Co-Leader

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