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Monday, May 20, 2019

Ways to Tell Someone About IMPACT

Fifteen is the maximum number of participants who can enroll in the IMPACT Chicago Core Program or IMPACT for Girls. With our sliding scale, no one has to be held back because of their financial circumstances. Help us make sure there are 15 participants in every class. The number 1 reason someone signs up for IMPACT is because someone they know recommends the program.

Here are some ways grads have encouraged others to register for an IMPACT program:
  • Send a personal email to 1-5 women at least 2 months before an upcoming Core Program, tell them about your own experience of the course and what it has meant to you; let them know about the sliding scale and the buddy discount; and link to our website.
  • Send a personal email to parents with girls ages 12-15 about an upcoming IMPACT for Girls program.
  • Invite a friend, co-worker, or family member to attend a What is IMPACT program with you and to join you in cheering on the women completing the final three scenarios of their class.
  • Share the event information posted on Facebook about an upcoming program.
  • Click “interested” on upcoming IMPACT events on Facebook
  • Share a personal story about the value of IMPACT to you on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, including a link to our website.
  •  Carry IMPACT Chicago postcards with you and if someone mentions their concerns about safety, share your experience and give them a postcard. To get postcards, contact outreach.
  • Work with your employer to bring an IMPACT workshop to your workplace.
  • Work with your employer to underwrite or match Core Program tuition.
Please tell someone about IMPACT Chicago!

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