Monday, June 24, 2019

Empowering Self-Defense Instructors

“IMPACT connected me spiritually with all the other women in the group and gave me courage, a sense of belonging and empowerment.” Danuta

So much of the power of IMPACT and other empowerment self-defense programs comes from students learning from and supporting each other. And guess what? Collective learning and support is also the backbone of ongoing professional development of IMPACT and other empowerment self-defense instructors.

Are you already teaching self-defense? Learning to teach? Want to know more about teaching empowerment self-defense? Then check out the Self-Defense Instruction Conference (SDIC) hosted by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation (NWMAF),  North Central College in Naperville, July 17-21 or for one day of training called Super Saturday on July 20.

The NWMAF is a leader in empowerment self-defense. Through SDIC, NWMAF offers professional development and credentialing to self-defense instructors, including cutting-edge research to best-practices in classroom management, from non-profit service to running an effective business.  The 2019 SDIC Committee has organized an enriching and exciting conference: teaching self-defense against hate crimes, teaching self-defense to youth with development disabilities, how to get CEUS for self-defense programming and so much more!

Maryam Aziz:
Hate Crime Self-Defense Part 1: Applying Research to the Self-Defense Workshop
Hate Crime Self-Defense Part 2: Teaching Defenses Against Hate Crimes
Jacqueline Barco:
Trauma Sensitive Martial Arts Training

Liz Fitzgerald:
Building Training Scenarios: Creating Successful SD Scenarios
Effective Role Playing for ESD Training
Marketing ESD: Identifying and Speaking to Your Audience

Justine Halliwill:
Sexual Coercion: How Do I Defend Myself?
Sexual Assertiveness: Creating Common Language and New Models

Julie Harmon:
The ABCs of Experiential Exercises for Teaching Self-Defense: Young People with Developmental Disabilities
Allies and Upstanders: Parts 1 and 2

Arlene Limas:
Protecting Elite Athletes with ESD

Diane Long:
Self-Defense for Sexually Exploited Youth
Sensory Integration and Self-Protection
Best Practices for Seeking CEUs for Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programming
The Energetics of Embodied Activism

Nancy Moore:
How to Teach Falling and How to Fall
Writing for Martial Arts and Self-Defense Instructors

Jay O’Shea:
Theater Games for ESD Trainings
Getting Comfortable with Role Play in ESD Teaching

Clara Porter:
Workplace Sexual Harassment Training: An ESD Approach

Yudit Sidikman and Carmel Drewes (Core ESD curriculum):
ESD Model Course: What is Empowerment Self-Defense?
ESD Model Course: Verbal: assertiveness, intervention, de-escalation
ESD Model Course: Escapes from Grabs and Holds
ESD Model Course: Fighting Back Physically
ESD Model Course: Scenarios and Wrap-Up

Meg Stone:
How to get Grants for ESD

Joyce Mende Wong / Amy Jones / Joanne Factor:
If It's Valuable, Shouldn't We Charge for it? The Merits of Offering Self-Defense Classes for Free

Thank you to the NWMAF SDIC Conference Committee 2019
Anne Kuzminsky, Chair
Clara Porter
Joyce Mende-Wong
With support from Darla Bolon

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